Welcome to Argentine Tango studio, Studio Tanguera! We are located in Ginza, the central district of Tokyo.

We welcome tango dancers across the world to our regular classes, special workshops and milongas!

TANGUERA Tango Lessons

We have many salon classes for beginners to advanced level students. *Basic regular classes are from ¥2,500- (50min). We also have show tango classes for students interested in performing at show events we organize.

Besides regular lessons by Asian Champion GYU and other prominent professional dancers in Japan, we also organize special lessons, workshops and milongas with guest dancers from Argentine and other countries.

For details, please check our lesson schedules on our Website (the schedule comes in Japanese.). For special workshops, please see events on our Website or Studio Tanguera Facebook pages.

If any questions, please be free to contact us.


Monday Night Milonga     20:30-23:30

Lesson before milonga     19:00-20:20

Lesson + Milonga ¥3500 (Lesson ¥2500   Milonga¥2500)

Thursday Afternoon Milonga 13:00-15:30

Lesson before milonga        12:00-12:50

Lesson + Milonga ¥3500 (Lesson ¥2500   Milonga¥2500)

Friday Night Milonga         20:00-23:30

Lesson before milonga     19:00-20:20

Lesson + Milonga ¥3500 (Lesson ¥2500   Milonga¥2500)

*Milonga prices vary depending on guest dancers. Please check for special guests and workshops at events section in our Website or Studio Tanguera Facebook pages.

TANGUERA Monthly Passport/Prepaid card

Those who just started learning Tango and who are into tango lessons!We recommend the best value monthly passes. You can take classes as many as you want through a month. *available only for beginner level classes.

Introductory Monthly Passport                       ¥16,500 / Month


Also, we offer special discount prepaid card which you can use for regular classes and milongas.

12000円card(valid for 2 months)→  ¥11,500

25000円card(valid for 3 months)→  ¥23,000

40000円card(valid for 3 months)→  ¥36,000

 *For some special workshops with guest dancers, only cash is accepted

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